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Cruise -                                                 134 knots

Vne (Never Exceed) -                               147 knots

Stall Flaps III -         27 Kts @ 450kg / 37 kts @600kg

Rate of Climb -                                       1200+ fpm

Fuel consumption 912iS -    86 kts/8lph -134 kts/16lph

                        912ULS -                134 kts / 18 lph

STOL Performance -      Take off/Landing roll sub 200m


Fuel - Minimum 95RON MOGAS. 

Entire engine & fuel system certified for 10% ethanol





Fuel Tanks - 2 x 50L                               100 litre

Main Wheels -                                   4.00 x 6.00

Nose Wheel - Pedal Steerable               3.00 x 4.00

Brakes - Exceptional Braking capability from Hydraulic Disks operated by single hand lever on Stick (Passenger side brake lever optional)

Flaps -Slotted 3 stage Electric (optional) 

or Manual (15—30—40)

Trim - Electric (optional) or Manual

Aileron Trim - Electric only available (optional)

Dual controls std.

Ergonomic Seats fore & aft adjustable (std)

Rudder Pedals - adjustable (optional)

Footsteps (optional)

Canopy Lock (optional)

AVEO LED Strobes (optional)

Wide range of Instrumentation, Radio & Transponder


BRS (optional)


An aircraft created in the image of the legendary Zephyr, however, totally utilising Carbon Fibre materials & going to a conventional horizontal stabiliser giving dramatic

performance improvements. 

Many options are available from basic to luxurious appointments.

Truly an aircraft by which others will be judged.  

Faeta's are delivered


 ENGINE options include Rotax 912ULS 100HP & Rotax 912iS 100HP

MTOW 600kg - EMPTY 300kg nominal.

Fuel Tanks 2 x 50L wing tanks giving a range of up to 1000nm with 912iS engine

321 Faeta NG